Hello world!

Hello World! Since this is my first blog post it seems appropriate that I talk about my first wedding invitation… from MY WEDDING!  Wedding’s are an exciting time with lots of decisions to be made.  Some brides feel as though the dress is the most important component of the wedding, while others consider the DJ or maybe food to be the most important.  In my humble opinion, although maybe not the MOST important component, the invitation is what sets the tone.  I wanted it to be fun, simple and organized (a little OCD popped out) while still being elegant.  What I came up with was a simple boxed pocketfold invitation.

The outside of the invitation had a royal blue belly band with a gold rhinestone ‘L’ (both of our last names started with ‘L’).  Inside, I used a rice paper text layer with a gold woven mat.

I was VERY proud of this invitation, and I believe I succeeded in setting the tone for the wedding and received many compliments.

Let me help you set the tone for YOUR wedding!  Fun, Creative Stationery is our specialty and pleasure.


Additional stationery created for the wedding: